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Gem Hunters is one of the most trusted online gemstone and rough suppliers in the market today.

with the selection of:
low-cost bargains to high-end custom cut gems,
many precious loose faceted gems – along with semi-precious gems
and items of interest for any gem or rock enthusiast

Our past years of sapphire mining in Queensland Australia, our faceting techniques learned from over 12 years of experience by our on site professional cutter , combine with extensive gemology knowledge and most importantly – the industries latest trends, help us to supply such a selection for purchase.

What’s Hot At Gem Hunters

Working alongside our talented jewelers, the added availability of offering the stone of your choice set into a unique setting you have helped select or design, all at the lowest cost price available.

Our global position allows us to select any gems straight from the source, bringing the best quality bargains to your doorstep via safe fast International Courier or by Airmail in the post.

Constant access to the highest sources of leaders within the gem trade continues us to stay up to date with the gems we list for sale on this website.

Our responsibility is to provide the very best within requirements of budget
or going beyond the highest expectations of anticipated beauty of high-end gem received.

Our success over the years is based on the beliefs:

  • Honesty. We are proud to say we never mislead our potential clients with anything other than the truth about their stones, our conduct is always aimed at delivering exactly what we say the quality or distinction is for the gemstone sought
  • Hard Work. Luckily Gem Hunters have the passion and love of gems to be working with every aspect of the trade, the joy of living and working amongst like-minded gem folk over the years has driven us to excel in craftsmanship. By these means we can obtain the requirements needed to build our loyal clients that we appreciate so much.
  • Knowledge. Every aspect from the gemstones creation in the earth’s crust, the varied ways each one is brought to the surface, the fossickers or miners joy, the brokers involved, every step on that gems journey to us is evaluated.

Gem Hunters would be pleased if you browsed our selection of gemstone rough listed or the variety of custom cut faceted gems ready for purchase online or the bargain bin specials available, along with jewelry items you may like.