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Bangkok Gem Trade

Now ensconced in Silom BKK. 14 years along from first encounter with little precious stones. Original plan of buying exotic rough fell by the wayside, fraught with daunting parcels of mixed grade selections. An overload for one with such a critical eye to flaws, cracks and silk.  Small players in a huge pond.  Standing toe to toe with seller while discussing how the only ametrine mine in Bolivia had actually closed against the merits of perfect specimens being presented. $6 certificates flashed to assure me a sapphire would never ride in a car with beryllium. New phrases ‘ not by nature ‘replace harsher known terms – But sifting through the layers takes time.

I can now walk into hub of the gemstone district and discover wonderful precious genuine gems,  almost straight from their source – 1 or 2 times removed.  Having a critical eye, not taking the life of a family’s family( whilst hand over heart) as sworn testimony, can lead to unearthing fabulous deals with savings I can pass on to most treasured of all – my customers. Fear not – and don’t let the fact that Gem Hunters are hovering in Bangkok for another year belie what’s really the true nature of the town, capturing passing travellers with little wonders, newly dug from every corner.

Bangkok Tower

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  1. Terese Slingo says:

    hi Gemhunter,

    Are you still in Bangkok, I’m looking for a couple of particular stones.

    Cheers Terese

    • Gemhunters says:

      Hi Terese, Yes we are here, we gather quite a few stones for special requests. Email us and we can talk about stones you we can find for you.


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