Due to Increase Fraudulent Activities We Now Insist On The Following Information.

To ensure Gemhunters is sending the stone(s) to the correct person, we can not proceed to send your purchases until you have confirmed your identity. Please reply to this email with the following:

  • A photograph of your drivers licence
  • A utility bill matching the address on the drivers licence. (This is to ensure, that if someone has stolen your entire wallet, they still can not make a fraudulent purchase)
  • If you paid with credit card: A photo of your credit card of the front of your card. Only showing the last four digits (everything else blanked out or cover it up with a piece of paper). We need the same one used for this purchase.

This is routine, and has unfortunately been born through necessity. As no one wants fraudulent activity on their credit card.

We keep your information securely and will not be shared with anyone. If at some point you or your bank makes a fraudulent claim. Then we will be requested by your bank to send any correspondence we have had (emails, notes from phone calls, proof of shipment etc), along with your proof of identity you have provided to us to your bank.

Thanks for your understanding,
Lou and Trudy