Foreign Trade of gems

All items in the Gemhunters website are listed in Australian dollars. Now with the Australian dollar being worth around .64 cents to the US dollar, our United States buyers are saving a lot of money when purchasing from us.

kangarooWith such favourable exchange rates, when buyers from the USA purchase an item listed for $100 all you are paying is $64 USD. That is almost 40% off the total price!
Extremely good value for your money since our prices are already set at discount level!

Buying now is most profitable as the Australian dollar (AUD) has a floating exchange rate; this means that the value can also rise any day, at the whim of the market.
So with the depreciation of our Australian dollar, now is the time to purchase that long wanted gold ring or gemstone, at the lowest prices for best quality.

Amendment note – jan 2014: This information is out of date, please do you own research for current information. 

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