Gemstones Are More Than Visual Pleasure

Left HandWhen considering a gemstone to buy, we all look for the 4 C’s:
colour, clarity, cut, carat.
Meaning a desirable gem needs: good colour that is bright, well cut and weighs big enough to view.

A new “C” to consider is Cure.

The feeling we get from wearing one of Nature’s accomplishments, a jewel made in the earth and brought to the surface.
The Astrologers over the centuries researched which gem affects us in certain ways, proving gems can help us with happiness, health and general wellbeing. Having close contact to these special minerals and the power used to form the crystal is still there within the gem.

smoky QuartsHealing powers and properties of gemstones

garnetBlue sapphire is a powerful amulet, healing anguish that lays within the wearer
Yellow sapphire protects from harming outside influences
Emerald is a gentle nature stone that deals with love kindness and happiness
Tourmaline grounds us to what is real and cleanses the inside body by clearing out toxins
Garnets give you confidence to succeed , a popular talisman and protective stone
Citrine looks after you bringing wealth and joy to the wearer while protecting and building confidence
Amethyst is a soother of anger, fear and anxiety helping us become more focused.
Opals help us see ourselves for where we need to improve

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