Once a year the gem-fields here hold the spectacular Gemfest in Queensland

festival-bandIf anyone is lucky enough to be in the area of the fossicking fields of Rubyvale & Sapphire or the gem-fields cute country village of Anakie, they have a chance to join Gem Hunters for a fabulous experience of gemstones at the Gemfest in Queensland. You will have a rare opportunity of rubbing shoulders with some of our eccentric fossicking hermits, not often seen. Mostly a friendly bunch with pockets full of stunning cut sapphires that they have found themselves, treasures brilliant enough to dazzle even a weary trader.

You will also have local farmers, miners and crop growers coming in to enjoy a catch up and chat with friends, locals and travellers at the Gemfest in Queensland.

gemfest-gemsThe fabulous entertainment: sometimes included wandering saucy belly dancers, tall wizards, fairies and butterflies throughout the 4 days of fun. Also enjoy the stage area for hilarious fun and games. This year the gem festival is held on the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th of August 2009.

Wandering around the hay bales outside you sill meet some wonderful people, nearly all brought together by the love of gems and the thrill of digging up your own sapphire from the ground.

Inside the large Marquee are the spectacular bargains in gold rings set with local blue green or yellow sapphires or all colours in one piece. You cannot buy cheaper exquisite sapphire jewellery than here at the gemfest right on the sapphire fields. The local more established traders are found in the marquee where you can also find all the tools of the gem trade, also gemstone beads, rock specimens, it’s endless. Very popular is the unset gold rings, you can pick a ring and choose your sapphire and have it set while you wait.

Many folks travel from all corners of Australia and the world just to be here to soak up the fabulous atmosphere, meet extra ordinary people and see beautiful treasures. Don’t miss out on going into the hall building and seeing the displays that the kind locals have put in for others to enjoy. Some of these treasures are for sale.

gemfestfunOur security guards are mostly the same ones each year, such an open display of weaponry is in itself worth a photo, they are good guys and will often let you get a photo of them with their shotguns, the only place you will see that. They sit up guarding the gem festival site while other people sleep or party at the gemfest night celebrations held in the nearby villages.

Do come along if you can, it is an excellent chance to meet everyone.

Camp on the fossicking fields or book early to get some of the gemfields accommodation. The bigger township of Emerald is three quarters of an hour’s drive away. Some stay there but it’s more fun nearer the sapphire fields of Rubyvale, Sapphire and Anakie, great gemstone towns similar to the old Wild West. Be part of it!

Come down to the Gemfest in Queensland and look out for us and please say hello! Just look for the pink tablecloths and ask for Lou and Trudy of Gem Hunters.