A lot of our customers find the perfect gemstone in our Gem Hunters collection, purchase it and desire a handmade custom designed ring or jewellery piece made to fit their gemstone. Here is how Gem Hunters work with you to get a one off unique piece that; not only is exactly what you have been dreaming of, but also fits into any budget and is high quality.

Here is a brief introduction to how Gem Hunters get your handmade custom designed jewellery and rings made.

How Handmade Custom Designed Jewellery and Rings are Made

As soon as the design is agreed upon and type of precious metal needed. I give my workshop the approved design along with your stone dimensions and/or any accent stones that may be needed to complete the design and request a complete quote. If you (the client) are happy with the cost, Gem Hunters request a deposit to get the custom made piece started, or sometimes a layby plan is put in place.

Our workshops use two different types of techniques for jewellery making, I will explain below the two methods:

Lost Traditional Wax Method

Traditional Wax Method_01


A wax carving is made by a precision artist by hand, then casts the mold into precious metal. 

At the workshop, the artist is given photo or a sketch of image to make along with the gems. A special type of jewellery wax is then carved into the exact model. Occasionally, we can email this model for a second approval if needed. Usually everything goes well and the wax carving is made as a temporary mold.

How Handmade Custom Designed Jewellery and Rings are Made


The molten gold or silver is then poured in to the temporary mold and replaces every single molecule of the wax. This is important, as in the end, your jewellery is a solid piece using this technique, with no solders or joins. Once the gold is cooled down it is then filed, sanded and polished and finally the gem is set and the gold is repolished one last time. If you selected to have your jewellery piece rhodium plated (new car look), we then apply this as the last step.


3D Computer Method

3D wax program

With 3D computer method, we draft the design of your ring into the program and form a 3D image of the design. 

This method costs a little bit more, as your design of ring is given to the computer programmer and we work with the programmer to complete the design. A computer image is generated as the exact replica of your jewellery piece.
The computer programmer then makes the ring in wax, the wax is then a mold and the gold/silver is pored to make your ring or pendant.


Things you need to keep in mind.

Gold Weight


We tend to make your custom made riGold Pouring into Ring Moldngs with far more gold weight than a commercial shop bought ring. Often we double or triple the gold content, unless requested to keep ring lightweight

The logic behind this is:

  • If you are having a ring made, have it made well and long lasting.
  • Your ring will become an heirloom lasting through your family’s bloodlines for centuries to come.
  • The cost of actual gold weight is minimal really, it is the designing and making of the ring that makes up the cost.

Designing Your Custom  Ring or Jewellery Setting.

We can help design your ring or jewellery setting with ideas and suggestions. You may already have a plan how you would like to see your gemstone showcased, please share these ideas with us. We can expand on these ideas and come up with the ideal setting choice that matches your stone and design ideas perfectly, if so, just email us the images or drawings and we can take it from there. But again, I can help you from scratch with ideas and images to begin with.