Natural Untreated Sapphire & Gems

Not only should your gemstone be a pleasure to look upon, the deeper factors to consider is how well cut it is. Has the cutter done everything to bring the stone to life – cut and clarity.

Clarity for brightness: cutting for good symmetry to the eye, also bring out the best available colour and light return.

As we specialise in untreated gemstones; striving to supply the best of what nature herself has made, this makes the gem more valuable and rare.

Not enhanced – the enhancements so common in todays market are rendering the gem to lesser value. Gem Hunters prefer to sell untreated gems of beauty, although we occasionally have heated sapphire due to the preference of buyers, these are stated in the descriptions. We strive to only have the best available.

Good sapphire and good gemstones in general are becoming more scarce and prices of rough and cut stones are reflecting that day by day, good tourmaline rough is almost impossible to get at the moment, with rough prices almost mirroring cut stone prices. Garnet, other than green is still available including nice umba stones in reasonable sizes. Zircons in good sizes and colour are good value still. We do all we can to source good quality stone at the most affordable prices.All quality gemstones at present are a good investment, as prices in the near future will begin to soar.

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