Polishing Sapphires

One of the main questions we get through our site is I am having trouble polishing my sapphires, what am I doing wrong”

Fortunately or unfortunately if you ask 6 cutters how they cut and polish their sapphires you will get 6 different methods.
However talking to most of the cutters I know, one system seems to crop up more than most.

  • Polish with either 50,000 or 100,000 – I personally use aluminium laps or bearing metal laps.

polishHeavily scored (100 grit sandpaper) and by far the best, and agreed by all the cutters – polish mix is diamond dust with a little machine oil, stir into an almost dry paste and apply sparingly. Too much or too wet doesnt work.

As I said there are many different theories on how to polish sapphires, but this is the one that works for us at the moment.
I hope this helps anyone out there with problems, let me know how you go.

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