Preferences in rough

Recently the gemstone has been more popular in the rough rather than the cut faceted gemstones. More so with the sapphire this gives the cutters a chance to own a large genuine sapphire that they have had the pleasure of faceting themselves into desired shape or cut.

We offer only real genuine gemstone rough with no treatments so you can know that you are getting the best.
At present the sapphire rough sold from our mine has been so popular that we are selling to a waiting list rather than listing the sapphire as we find it.
So please dont hesitate to email us to enquire about a particular colour / shape or weight in carats that you may be after.

If you do not cut gemstones yourself please dont hesitate to email us and ask for special cut or shape that you would like and we can try to produce the gemstone that you desire.
Not all our gemstones are listed on the website!

Colours of desired rough is still biased towards blue sapphire, although a strong demand for greens has been very strong, both in rough and cut stones, my own personal preference is green followed by good parti coloured stone.
Good Cutting.

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