Sapphire Rough

Recent demands for Good Quality Blue Australian Sapphire Rough has lead us to make this rough available for sale.We now have in stock —Excellent Facet Grade Blue Sapphire — first grade blues 

Blues with a pale cross table which can be described as blue with a second axis of white or yellow or pale green. Cutting superb blues that are not too dark, with an occasional amazingly attractive bi color / parti sapphire .ve in stock —Excellent Facet Grade Blue Sapphire — first grade blues

Sizes range from 5-15 carats with some lovely large ones. This material is not treated or heat treated. All completely natural and found on the Sapphire Fields of QLD Australia.

We do get a lot of royal blue sapphire here that comes from cutting the blue sapphire that has a dark green crosstable. These are beautiful in their own right. But this latest parcel contains blue with pale crosstables that generally cut a rich paler blue sapphire.

  • Minimum parcel size is 50 ct at only $25 per carat.
  • For single pieces of quality rough, price is $30 per carat.
  • 100 gram parcels is $20 per carat Australian dollars.
  • Green Sapphire Rough is available. Email us for your requirements.
  • QLD Royal Blues with a green cross table available also.
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