Sapphires & Gold Nuggets!


parti sapphireBlue sapphire rough is in very high demand, especially the blue with a light cross table; as we find them we are listing them on this website for sale. They sell very quickly. The intense bright blue sapphire is a particular favourite in the United States and is still the best selling sapphire!

At Gemhunters we try to leave our sapphires natural and untreated; that means no heat treatment!

Sapphires have been commercially mined in Australia since the late 1800s making Australian mines a major producer of gem-quality sapphires worldwide.

We would also like to make everyone aware of the other sapphire that Gemhunters has on offer:
Green sapphires and bi colour sapphires with the beautiful swirls of green and yellow, these gemstones are more popular in Australia and preferred by the folk on the sapphire gemfields.

gold nuggetThis month we also have on offer three very large natural gold nuggets found in Queensland six years ago and only put up for sale now. All three nuggets are huge; between one and two ounces in weight.

Tanga Garnets, Hessonite garnet and Moambique rhodolite have been selling fast recently, it is good to see the faceters appreciating these excellent gems. They are absolutely magnificent when cut and getting very high valuations once faceted.

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