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watermelon_tourmaline1A lot of customers have been asking me to locate some nice Mozambique garnet and even more have been asking for good facetable tourmaline. Unfortunately the supply of good African rough has been patchy at best, but we have managed to secure some good pieces of rough to sell.

spessatineMy contact in Tanzania is making trips to Nigeria regularly to locate decent rough for me and as a result has sent me some small parcels, along with some spessatine garnet. I have some individual pieces listed for sale in the rough category.

The stones pictured appear to be nice blocky clean pieces and I will be cutting them or selling them.
So keep in contact to see results. If you are interested in this type of rough or anything else, please contact me and I will do my best to help.

blue-sapphireOur prices of the Mozambique garnet are still at the old prices but will be going up soon.

We still have a large selection of blue sapphire rough for sale, available to purchase online.
Good Cutting
From Lou

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