Hi Trudy, The sapphire is simply stunning, what a work of art. The stone appears to be flawless and the colors are just incredible. thank you!

Hi Trudy,Thanks so much for the very quick service receiving the NS8 stone. It is a beauty indeed and i am most happy to add it to my collection.

Hi, Trudy.
I received my stone already. That was really fast. It was actually out for delivery yesterday, but I couldn’t pick it up until today. It is amazing how fast something can move half way around the world.
I have begun to study the stone and, if I am able to do it justice [cut it worth a darn], my wife will receive a very nice gift
Take care.

Hi Trudy,
My Mother received the White Topaz today and she is thrilled with it. It exceeds her expectations, she is more than pleased with the cut and cannot wait to have it set.

The amber earrings are in my ears already, I love them. Also very happy with my purchases.

Hi Trudy,
Thank you! you too are a pleasure to do business with and feel grateful for your honesty.
I look forward to my sapphire earrings arriving & my lovely pendant………more than happy!

Hi Trudy,
Thank you for your quick reply, its nice to be back on your site once again!
Am I able to have a ring or earrings made from the gems on your site? I read the small print for the first time!

They`ve arrived safe and sound !!!
So fast and totally intact.
Many Thanks.

Hi Trudy,
love the stone and cut , well done Lou !!! We are impressed by Lou’s skills as a cutter and by your detailed description. My mother would be honored to purchase it, she thinks it will be a lucky stone as Lou was so happy and engrossed whist he was cutting the stone. Please let me know your preferred payment option and final price including p&p and insurance.

Hi Trudy
Thank you for your reply. It came today and they are very lovely gems.
Thank you so much and can’t wait to see the new website 🙂

Hi Trudy,
The stones arrived today they are beautiful.
Thank you for everything I am so happy with the stones.

Hi Trudy,
The two stones arrived today, 21 November, so the mailing system was very fast, about a week. I love the two stones

Hello Trudy.
I received the gem today..indeed unusual and intriguing.

Hi Trudy,
Sorry for taking so long to get back to you.
I just wanted to say that I received the tanzanite the other day thank you. It is a great colour thanks. We are now just trying to work out what to do with it.
Thanks again for all your help sourcing it. You went above and beyond to search so hard for it.
Thank you

Thanks Trudy. Will be doing more business in the near future!

Thanks Trudy! I will let you know how the cutting goes. And, I will definitely be coming back to your website to purchase more rough in the future.

Thanks Trudy! Can’t wait to make something with them! 😀 A fine chrissy present for my partner no doubt.

Great! Thanks for doing that, Trudy!
I will definitely buy from you again!!!