Thailand Gemstone Markets

Gemhunters buying at the gem market

We often travel to the gem markets to obtain the best of what has just arrived from over the borders of Thailand

Good High Grade Rough is becoming very difficult to obtain so we sometimes look for large cut gems that we can recut ourselves to make the gem look its best, as often there is a large clear window in the center or the pavilion is askew so we find ones with enough size and weight to recut, the cut must suit the gem and be cut on the correct angle and facets placed to bring the gem to its full beauty.

This can take many days of sifting through what is available. I also like to pick up little pretty gems that are so low cost, when buying in larger quantities. I can then passing the savings onto customers for good quick bargain sales where the gem is worth alot more than what is paid for.

Shopping in the Thailand Gemstone Markets can be pretty hectic!

Gemhunters busy at the gem market

The rumours are that large concerns are buying all the gem mine production, making it scarce to buy for the general enthusiasts and cutters. Many gem dealers are putting their high grade cut gems and faceting rough in their safe as the forecast for prices is a rapid increase in price.

So Many bigger famous gemstone deposits have been mined out, adding to the escalations in prices. The most desired orange Spessartine that always came from Nigeria ran out years ago. Namibia also found some stunning Mandarin garnets but the stocks were soon exhausted. Spessartine, also known as spessartite in the well-loved colours of orange Fanta and mandarin are still being discovered in Myanmar ( aka Burma ) and we see them coming over the border into Thailand, just as well as it is not easy to go into Myanmar and chase the gems and receive for a good price.



 Faceted garnet spessartine Rough garnet spessartine

To quote something the famous gemologist Vincent Pardieu once told us at a conference…

“ I believe the Madagascar/Mozambique belt will still yield the best gems available in the foreseeable future”







aquamarine crystal from Vietnam

We also believe that Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar will start producing more of the quality facet gem rough they are fast becoming famous for with exceptional quality the custom gem cutters want. So by being here in Bangkok for a while we hope to see some rough appear from Africa or across the Thailand border a bit more frequently.



citrine rough



We have managed to find some stunning Orange Citrine and large piece of natural amethyst rough to sell for the time being, we have just listed these pieces on our website ready to buy online, to get through the lack of readily available rough.

So if you’re like us, and see a piece of well-priced facet grade rough for sale – buy it now. As in three months’ time the price will be higher again or unobtainable.





Tanzanite crystal rough


Hot off the press!

Tanzanite prices are going up and up after a three year slump for both tanzanite rough and cut tanzanite gems.



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