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With a large turnover of uncut gemstones , great new gem rough has been steadily arriving. Some fantastic color change garnet that has surprised us all.

The Rhodolites are proving to be very popular with their fiery light red flashes, we have also dropped the prices of our Aquamarine rough to sell out discounts. Some beautiful sparkling pink gems have been cut from the Umbalite Garnets originating from the Tanga Province .
All the sapphire miners are returning to the gem fields along with the cooler weather and we are including some very nice Sapphires from the local gem hunters.

Discounts apply for repeat customers or larger orders.

With more keen rock enthusiasts learning to cut their own gemstones we often give advice on the best type of cut for the gem rough and enjoy sharing our knowledge on types of faceting machines and which laps and cutting equipment is the most popular.

Our latest equipment includes state of the art gem testing equipment designed here on the gem fields.
Lou has been involved in a valuation course and is about to be accredited in that field.
Technology has taken off in leaps and bounds as far as testing for gemstone origin and composition

If you make it out to the Central Highland gem fields do call in and we can advise you on the best areas were good yields have been found.

The Post has never let us down with safe deliveries all over the world.
We have extended our payment options due to so much overseas interest.

Payment options if not using website shopping cart

Paypal: is a secure method of online credit or debit card payments. Log into the official PAYPAL website, no need to set up an account,
if not already a member, just click the ‘send money’ tab and follow the prompts. Good for overseas customers as well as Australian residents. The seller can not see your account details. Safe and Secure.

Payments made to our email address of [email protected]

International Bank Deposit:  you can send an international bank deposit to our account below.
The Australian swiftcode is: WPACAU2S

Western Union: Always an option

Direct deposit : Best for Australian residents and easy for internet bankers.
There is also the option for calling into your nearest Westpac Bank
Banking details:
Trudy Mckenzie
BSB: 032837
Account: 165399
Bank: Westpac

if you use bank deposit, let me know and I’ll keep an eye out for it to clear, also email me your postal address.

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    • Gemhunters says:

      Welcome Debra, thanks for looking through Gem Hunters, let me know if you have any suggestions on improving our new look website, I want it to be a good experience for people, all ideas or thoughts greatfully recieved.Kind Regards from Trudy

  1. Jenny Wills says:

    I love the new site…. so clear and defined.
    I was getting a bit worried. I tried to contact you several times over the Xmas break, but everything would seize up….. all I could get was the front page.
    The new front page won`t come up now, but I can get into the site by clicking one of the other things on the top menu.
    Not sure what the problem is……Not being any thing like a computer fixer-upper, I`ll just wait and hope that it fixes itself !!!!
    Hope that you`ve had a nice Xmas/New year

    • Gemhunters says:

      Hi Jenny great to hear from you,I’m loving this new website too, its different alright, Ive been dragged into the modern age, yes I had the same problem with getting proper page up as well, I was using old link and computer remembered the page when the website was down, so now when your ready delete that old link you already have and get a new gemhunters link, Im not good at computers, thank goodness I got a fabulous webmaster Danielle, she is kind and patient and hasnt screamed at me for being slow to learn. I like having the comments page to keep in touch with everyone and I like that now I can have several photos of the same item, so I been busy taking photos of everything from all angles.Every day Danieele has improved the whole look in some way, so Im all keen to jazz things up on my end too. Fabulous.


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